The Northman Cast: Where You’ve seen The Actors In Robert Eggers’ New Movie | #oscars | #academywards

Ever since it was first announced (or at least when it was given a release date), Robert Eggers’ historical thriller, The Northman, has been one of the most anticipated 2022 movies for a number of different reasons. There’s the director’s previous work like The Witch and The Lighthouse, a story inspired by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, stunning visuals, and one of the most impressive casts put together in recent memory.

If you have been lucky enough to see the new Viking thriller, or are at least planning on experiencing it on the big screen, there’s a good chance you are wondering where you’ve seen members of The Northman cast before. Well, look no further because we’re about to break it down now.

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Alexander Skarsgård (Amleth)


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