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It’s all kicking off on BBC One’s The Traitors – particularly with Tom, a Faithful, dropping a major bombshell on the cast this week, revealing that he was secretly in a relationship with fellow Faithful and contestant Alex.

While the remaining players were angered at the potential unfair advantage they had if one of them were a Traitor, Tom has revealed that a “very strict” rule would have stopped them from disclosing their Traitor status to each other.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, the 24-year-old magician said that a Traitor secretly revealing themselves to a Faithful would “sacrifice” the prize pot.

Tom on The Traitors. BBC

When asked whether he would have told Alex if he’d been chosen as a Traitor, Tom said: “That’s against the rules.

“We were very, very clearly told that like even though we’ve got our alliance there… you’re not allowed.”

He continued: “[Our relationship] can be seen as unfair game – I think that’s another nice reason that I thought it had to come out as like, let’s be honest, people at home are angry that we’ve got competitive advantage and all that jazz.

“What if I was a Traitor and she was a Faithful and I was just keeping her alive the whole time? It’s very unfair, especially if she knows.”

He added: “So, no, you’re not allowed. That was the very strict rule. You would sacrifice the prize pot and could get taken out of the game. If you’re a Traitor, you cannot tell anyone else that you’re a Traitor.”

After Alex was placed on trial by the Traitors alongside Ivan and John, Tom decided to reveal their secret relationship to the rest of the group, ultimately resulting in his banishment by his fellow players.

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Tom recently revealed whether he was still in a relationship with Alex, telling that fans have been asking “non-stop”.

The remaining contestants, some of whom are Traitors and some are Faithfuls, are hoping to stay in the competition without being eliminated or murdered in the hopes of winning up to £120,000.

The Traitors continues on Thursday 15th December at 9pm on BBC One.

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