Upgrade coming to patient entertainment system at NHH | #entertainment | #news

Improvements are coming to Northumberland Hills Hospital’s patient entertainment (TV) system.

In an update shared with staff and patients September 30, Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) confirmed that the old patient entertainment system will be removed beginning Monday, October 3.

A working group led by materials management and inclusive of representatives from NHH’s IT, environmental services, finance, public affairs as well as NHH’s Patient and Family Advisory Council is coordinating the project, with input from patient care managers.

New TVs will be rolled out beginning Tuesday, October 11.

The new TVs will be installed in all inpatient rooms and 22 common areas (e.g. waiting areas and inpatient dining rooms). As the hospital migrates from the old system to the new it is expected that there will be a short period of time without TV service. NHH’s new patient entertainment system vendor is experienced with unique hospital applications and is committed to completing the transition as quickly as possible.

The new TV service will be free of charge at the beginning. Once installation is complete the patient entertainment system in inpatient rooms will be priced by the day with discounts available for longer stay patients who may choose to rent the service for longer periods of time. All proceeds from inpatient rentals will come back to NHH for re-investment in patient care. 

For admitted patients who move from one unit or bed to another during their stay at NHH, service will be transferrable within the hospital. Patients (or their loved ones) will be able to rent the entertainment service in one of three ways: directly on the bedside TV, online, via the vendor’s website, or by phone, through a 1-800 call centre. 

Additional information on how patients (or their loved ones) can rent the new service will be shared directly with patients at the bedside and through NHH’s communication channels as the upgrade moves forward.