Warner Bros. Discovery Reportedly Considering ‘Overhaul’ of DC Entertainment | #entertainment | #news

The newly merged Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly looking into an overhaul for DC Entertainment. Variety reports that the company, which closed its deal to merge earlier this week, is exploring the idea of overhauling DC and making it into its own content vertical, consolidating it in a way that would allow for a more “coherent creative and brand strategy.”

The idea is being toyed with by David Zaslav, who is the CEO of the combined company, as well as “top leadership” there. Zaslav has reportedly been meeting with candidates who have experience with blockbuster Ips, the goal being to find someone who would serve in a creative and strategic position similar to how Kevin Feige acts in his capacity at Marvel.

The report notes that Zaslav isn’t interested in finding a “creative guru” as much as he is in finding someone who can keep DC’s different divisions working together in harmony. That would presumably include DC Comics, DC Films and the company’s TV division.

Zaslav is said to believe that the success of the merger will be due in large part to how the company can unlock :the full potential of the DC Comics universe of characters.” Insiders at Discovery do not believe that DC has a coherent vision despite the success of films like Aquaman and The Batman. They believe that characters like Superman need to be revitalized, while second-billed characters like Joker and Harley Quinn are examples from films like Todd Phillips’ Joker and Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley.

To be clear, the report says the idea is being considered, but that doesn’t mean it will be implemented. DC has several films still on the way such as Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Adam, Batgirl, and the third Wonder Woman, as well as TV shows like Peacemaker season two, the HBO Max The Batman spinoffs.


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