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Did Ed Westwick, Amy Jackson make their relationship Instagram official?

Weeks after rumours of Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick dating Amy Jackson first surfaced online, looks like the couple is now ready to make things official. The duo, as per reports, made their relationship Instagram official by sharing cosy photos of each other on social media.

While the photos aren’t visible on their respective Instagram accounts now, it’s being said that Amy posted a gorgeous selfie wherein she was seen holding Ed while the actor posted a photograph of them resting on a bench.

Amy Jackson Ed Westwick pose together
Amy Jackson, Ed Westwick pose together
Ed Westwick Amy Jackson pose together
Ed Westwick, Amy Jackson pose together

A little digging into their Instagram accounts and it’s revealed that Amy and Ed are currently vacationing in Spain. And if their stories are anything to go by, the duo also attended a music concert together recently.

Ed Westwick, who is known for his role as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, was spotted with Amy over a month ago. The duo were captured on a stroll, and a photo wherein they walked hand-in-hand had gone viral on social media. The said pic from London had gained momentum in no time, and rumours of their relationship surfaced.

On the work front, Amy last graced the screen in 2.0, starring Rajinikanth in the lead. She has also been a part of films like Singh Is Bliing and Ekk Deewana Tha. As for Ed, the actor who created a mark with his role of millionaire Chuck Bass, recently starred in White Gold, a Netflix series. Both Amy and Ed are ardent social media users, but until now, they hadn’t shared any photo or video where the face of their partner was visible.


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